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Military Forces

International Forces
Description URL
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National Forces
Description URL
Austrian Ministry of Defense
Belgian Armed Forces (French or Dutch text)
Croatian Armed Forces
Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
Defence Command Denmark (website in Danish)
The Dutch Ministry of Defense
The Finnish Defense Forces (text in Finnish only)
French Ministry of Defense (some text available in English)
German Armed Forces (text in German only)
Greece: Hellenic Ministry of National Defense
Indian Armed Forces
The Irish Defense Forces
Israel Defense Forces
Japan Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia
Norwegian Defense Forces
Palestinian National Authority Website down at last check 2013-Feb-18
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Minitry of Defence Too long to show...
Polish Armed Forces
Romanian Ministry of National Defense (text in Romanian)
Singapore Ministry of Defense
The Army of the Slovak Republic (text i Slovak only)
Slovenia, Ministry of Defense
Republic of South Africa's Armed Forces
Spanish Ministry of Defense
Swedish Armed Forces (se also the Swedish section below)
The Swiss Armed Forces
Turkish Armed Forces
United States Government, Military and Intelligence Agency Access (unofficial but the best index)
United States Department of Defense, official link index "DefenseLINK"

Swedish Total Defense
Description URL
Swedish Armed Forces
Ministry of Defense
MSB - Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
FOI - Swedish Defence Research Establishment
FRA - National Defence Radio Establishment
Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency
FMV - Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
FHS - Swedish National Defence College
Swedish Air Force - F21 Wing, (web site in Swedish only)
The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency
FRO - The Voluntary Radio Organization
The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences (web site in Swdish)
Försvarsmaktens Särskilda OperationsGruppen (SOG), official website (in Swedish)
Skarpskytt 23. MP, pictures and story from a conscript's MP training (web site in Swedish only)

Military History

Museums - Denmark
Description URL
Tøjhusmuseet - Dansk Forsvarsmuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark (web site in Danish only)
The Garderhøj Fortress, Copenhagen, Denmark (web site in Danish only)

Museums - France
Description URL
Musée de l'Armee, Paris, France
The Maginot Line, France. Comprehensive description of the defense line, and under the Finding the Line link a number of remains of the line open to the public
Fortification Immerhof, Hettange-Grande, France. Fortification of the Maginot Line open for visitors (web site in French only)
The Fort of Fermont, Fermont, France. Fortification of the Maginot Line open for visitors
Fort de Mutzig, Mutzig, France. Fortification open for visitors. Lot of info and pics at the web site

Museums - Norway
Description URL
Forsvarsmuseet, Oslo, Norway (Web site in Norwegian only) [Too long to show...]
Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø, Norway
Norway's Resistance Museum, Oslo, Norway [Too long to show]

Museums - Russia
Description URL
Central Armed Forces Museum, Russia, Moscow, Russia
Military-Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment, a.k.a. Tank Museum in Kubinka, Kubinka, Russia
Russian Air & Space museums, sites and the history, index
Museum of Vladivostok Fortress, Vladivostok, Russia

Museums - Switzerland
Description URL
Fliegermuseum Altenrhein, Altenrhein, Switzerland (web site in German only)
Museum of Artillery Fortress A46, Champex, Switzerland (web site incompatible with various web browsers)

Museums - Sweden
Description URL
Swedish Air Force Museum, Linköping, Sweden (most text in Swedish)
Gothenburg Radio Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden
Gotland Defence Museum, Tingstäde, Sweden
The Army Museum, Stockholm, Sweden (most text in Swedish)
The Naval Museum, Karlskrona, Sweden (most of the web site in Swedish, requires JavaScript to function properly)
Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum, Ugglarp, Sweden
The Ship Museum at Gothenburg's Maritime Center, Gothenburg, Sweden (text in Swedish)
Abisko Gränsförsvarsmuseum
Beredskapsmuseet (the WW2 Alert Museum), Viken, Sweden
Rödbergsfortet, an artillery fortress in Boden, Sweden (moste of the web site in Swedish only)
Svedjefortet, an artillery fortress in Boden, Sweden (web site down since 2005) [Unknown]
Defence Museum Boden, Boden, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
Ystad Military Museum, Ystad, Sweden
Bohus County Defense Museum, Uddevalla, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
A6 War Museum, Jönköping, Sweden
Eda Skans Museum, Åmotfors, Sweden
The Fortress Museum, Karlsborg, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
The Garrison Museum, Linköping, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
Jämtland's Aircraft Museum, Optand, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
Ljungbyhed's Museum of Military History, Ljungbyhed, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
The Arsenal military vehicle museum, Strängnäs, Sweden
Sollefteå Museum with history of T3 regiment and I21 regiment, Sollefteå, Sweden (web site in Swedish only) [Too long to show...]
The Eskiltuna City Museum, with collections regarding weapons technology, Eskilstuna, Sweden (web site in Swedish only) [Too long to show...]
The Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. A 17th century 64 gun ship
The Vaxholm Fortress Museum, Vaxholm, Sweden (web site in Swedish only)
Military Vehicle Museum, Malmköping, Sweden
Varberg Fortress, Varberg, Sweden
Hemsö Fortification, Hemsö, Sweden

Museums - UK
Description URL
Bletchley Park, Bletchley, UK
Centre for the History of Defense Electronics, Bournemouth, UK
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RAF Museum, Cosford, UK
RAF Museum, London, UK
Scotland's Secret Bunker
The Tank Museum, Bowington, UK
East of England Tank Museum, Barnham, UK
National Army Museum, London, UK
National Museum of Arms and Armour, Leeds, UK
Imperial War Museum, London, UK

Museums - USA
Description URL
The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New York City, USA
National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade, MD, USA
The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Los Alamos Historical Museum, Los Alamos, NM, USA
Museum of World War II, Natick, MA, USA
The California State Military Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA
Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, MA, USA
International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C, USA

Museums - Virtual @ Internet
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Museums - Other Countries
Description URL
Museum of Military History, Vienna, Austria
In Flanders Fields, Ieper, Belgium (requires JavaScript)
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Canada. Website down at last check 2004-Feb-21
The Tank Museum, Perola, Finland
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Papers & Articles
Description URL
Försvarets Historiska Telesamlingar - FHT, a lot of info on Swedish military radar and radio history (web site in Swedish only).
Radar History @ MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2 articles on the topic [Too long to show...]
USS Liberty Memorial, US ELINT ship attacked by Israeli forces 1967-jun-8
Palpatine's German Railroad Guns Page, WWII
The Biggest Gun, by Jim Mundell
Tunnel & Shelter Researching, by Harald Faeth. A lot of info and maps on remaining WWII underground sites built by German forces
The Birth of the Swedish Air Force, by Seve Ungermark
Pansarattack från väster?, by Jan Linder, on the possibility of a German attack on Sweden from Norway during WWII (text in Swedish only)
Judgement: The Accused Organizations, the Nuremberg (Nürnberg) Tribunal judgement regarding criminal German organizations before/during WWII
Cicero: Juvenile delinquent to spy, German spy in Ankara, Turkey, during WWII
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Viking Military Organization
Fort & Bunker, a publisher specialized in publications regarding (now obsolete) cold ware era forts and bunkers in Sweden (Website in Swedish)
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The Atlantic Wall in Denmark, remains of the German WWII defense line in Denmark
One Hell of a Big Bang, interview with Paul Tibbet (pilot of the aircraft that dropped The Bomb on Hiroshima) in The Guardian 2002-aug-06
Festung Norwegen, the Atlantic Wall & other German WWII Fortifications in Norway
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Maginot Line World, info on and related to the French (pre-) WWII defense line (most of the web site in French only)

Electronic/Information Warfare

Description URL
Journal of Electronic Defense
The Association of Old Crows
Information Warfare Webring, index
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Cornerstones of Information Warfare
Information Warfare, by Brian C. Lewis
A Guide to Information Warfare, by Marko Kulmala
Glossary: The Convoluted Terminology of Information Warfare
Glossary of Information Warfare Terms
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Description URL
FRA, Sweden
"Soft Tempest: Hidden Data Transmission Using Electromagnetic Emanations", by Kuhn and Andersson (Acrobat .pdf file)
"The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page"by Joel McNamara
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White Cloud, Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS)

Description URL
A Bibliography of Quantum Cryptography by Gilles Brassard 1993
EFF DES Cracker, cracking DES with custom made unclassified hardware [Too long to show...]
A Cryptographic Compendium, by John J. G. Savard
Cryptography Links Outside of North America
Handbook of Applied Cryptography, on-line as Acrobat .pdf files or PostScript .ps files
Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War, by Tony Sale. Comprehensive web site on history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis in WWII
Encryption and Security Tutorial, by Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland (Acrobat .pdf files)
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Quadralay's Cryptography Archive

Description URL
Sectra, Swedish company selling secure communications systems
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Netline - Cell phone jammers and sensors

Hi Power Weapons
Description URL
"The E-Bomb - a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction", by Carlo Kopp
"Security Implications of High-Power Microwave Technology", by A.E. Pevler [Too long to show...]
The Trestle Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator, nothing for the back yard
The Low Energy Radio Frequency Weapons Threat to Critical Infrastructure, by Victor Sheymov, ComShield Corporation, before the Joint Economic Committee, US Congress
Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy, US Congress
Radio Frequency Weapons and the Infrastructure, by LtGen Robert L. Schweitzer, U.S. Army (Retired)
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Description URL
Radar Principles, an on-line book
International Radar Directory + ECCM book, not on-line but 4 sale
Radio Research Instrument Co., Inc., complete radar systems and spares


Description URL
Gripen, a Swedish combat aircraft, official web site
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Swedish Military aviation, mainly technical information on Swedish military aviation, aircraft and ordnance, incl historical information

Description URL
US Bombs Designations and Descriptions, provided by FAS

Arms & Equipment

Small arms
Description URL
Russian Guns and Firearms
Polish Firearms Page
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Weapons of Mass Destruction
Description URL
The Nuclear Weapons Archive (ex. The High Energy Weapons Archive), a guide to nuclear weapons
Trinity Atomic Web Site, nuclear weapons history, technology and consequences in historic documents, photos, and videos
NucNews Archives
Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace, by John Steinbach [To long to show...]
The Effects of Nuclear War, US Congress
Accidents in Atomic Energy Activities in USA 1945--1955, by Daniel F. Hayes, US Atomic Energy Comission (Acrobat .pdf file)
MDA, US Missile Defense Agency
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Moscow builds bunkers against nuclear attack, by Bill Gertz, Washington Times
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Uniforms & Insignia
Description URL
Swedish Rank Insignia, (Acrobat .pdf file) [Too long to show...]
<Empty slot> <Empty slot>
USAF Rank Insignia, officers [Too long to show...]
USAF Rank Insignia, enlisted [Too long to show...]
USAF Decorations
IDF Insignia

Surplus Sales
Description URL
DLA Disposition Services, USA
Kvibergs Översottslager, surplus sales from the Swedish Defense Material Administration, Sweden
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Papers & Articles
Description URL
Storming Media - Pentagon Reports. Reports and documents produced or collected by the Pentagon on a wide range of technical and policy issues ranging from military strategy to psychology to aviation technology

Military Tourism
Description URL
Incredible Adventures
Tank Driving with Juniper Leisure
Thai bases offer a taste of military life, by Jim Algie, The Japan Times

Description URL
UFO hunt in USA, a notice in evening paper Aftonbladet 2002-jul-28 on a pair F16 chasing an UFO over Washington (text in Swedish),2789,188379,00.html
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