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This web site contains a number of sections. You have a navigation bar at the top and bottom of every web page to select what you want to view.

Every page is available in English or Swedish, use the flags in the navigation bar to select language.

The web site's sections have the following contents:


This page, that you are reading right now, contains a description of the web site's contents.


This page contains info on my e-mail address and a link to my Facebook account. There is also a link to another person with the same name to add or avoid confusion.


This page contains a few pictures, which initially were put on-line as I wanted to share them with some people I know. There is nothing special about them.


This page contains a few utility freewares related to radio communication. If you are looking for warez, this is however not the right place.

This page may be expanded with some nostalgia abandonware games in the future.


This part of this website grow to such extent that it has got its own dedicated website: It contains information on a special piece of software - the Japenese train simulator Boso View Express, a.k.a. BVE. AFAIK this is the first Swedish website in support of BVE users.

The website holds a general description (including installation under western versions of Windows) and a catalogue of add-on routes and rail vehicles.


This section of the web site contains a selection of links to national military establishments in a number of countries, of which most are European. For the US you are linked to a very good (unofficial) link collection at another web site.

Another main part of the military link section are links to military museums around the world. Due to my personal interest, these links may be biased towards aviation and telecommunications. If you have links to share, please mail me.

You will also find miscellaneous links on equipment, electronic-/info warfare and such stuff.

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